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Gambling Glossary,Gambling Terms

Across the board- Wagering on a Horse to Win-Place-Show.

Action- Is a valid, active bet.

Agent- A person that places customers into a Sportsbook for a commission.

ATS- Abbreviation for Against The Spread.

Back Door Cover- When a team scores meaningless points at the end of a game to cover the spread, usually in the final minutes.

Bad Beat- A game which looked as if it was an absolute win, but ends up losing.

Bet Spread- The ration between the maximum and minimum bet size. A player using a $50 Max Bet and a $5 Min bet is using a 10:1 bet spread.

Book or Bookie- A person or company who takes bets.

Buy- To buy points to change the point spread to the players advantage. Points are purchased on a 1/2 point scale. For each 1/2 point you pay an additional 10% to the Vigorish.

Bank Roll- Starting amount of money available to place bets.

Chalk- Favorite to win and cover the spread.

Circled Game- When a game has a lower betting limit placed on it, usually due to uncertain weather, significant injuries or unconfirmed rumors regarding a contestant or team.

Cover- When you win the game by more then the points you laid , or less then the points you recieved.

Daily Double- A combination wager in Horse Racing , where the player selects the winner of race A and the winner of race B. Must win both races to win the double.

Degenerate- Also known as a compulsive gambler.

Dime- In betting terms is equal to one thousand.

Dime Line- A slang term used to indicate a 10 cent line, money line or vig on a game. Ex. a money line in which the bookmakers vig amounts to 10%.

Dollar- In betting terms equals one hundred.

Even Money- A wager where there is no vig. Ex. a game listed as a Pick Em .

Exotic Wager- Action other then a straight bet. Such as teasers, parlays, round robins, ect....

Exposure- Amount of money a sportsbook stands to lose on a single game.

Figure- Amount of money you won or lost at the end of a particular week.

Form- Newspaper for handicapping Horses, Also describes how a team may currently be playing.

Futures- A type of wager made, or lines posted on an outcome that will be determined in the future.

Getting Down- Getting a bet placed in time.

Half-Time Bet- A wager placed on either first or second half of a Football or Basketball game.

Handicapper- Race track offical who decides the weights to be carried in Handicap events and grading horses and greyhounds, Also a person who analyzes, studies and rates sporting events.

Handle- Total amount of money wagered in a particular time frame.

Hedge- To reduce amount of action by wagering on the opposite side of original bet.

Hook- Is a description of a 1/2 point in betting spreads. Ex 3.5 would be three and a hook.

Juice- Amount of commission kept by the house also known as the vigorish.

Kick It- Term used to signify a raise in bet amount.

Laying A Price- Playing the favorite.

Layoff- Money bet by the house with another bookmaker to reduce liability.

Limit- Maximum amount of money accepted for one wager.

Line- Refers to the listed odds, points, money line, or point spread for any given event.

Lock- Used to describe an easy winner or a game that can not lose.

Make Up Figure- When you withdraw funds, the makeup figure is the amount you are required to deposite before your eligible for a bonus again.

M.L.B- Short for Major Leauge Baseball

Middle- Betting both sides of a game at different prices with the hope of winning both bets. Ex Betting Pittsburgh on monday -3 then later in the week the line goes to pitt -6 so you take the opposite side in the hopes the final falls in between.

Middler- Person who only plays middle bets.

Money Line- Odds expressed in terms of money, it refers to the amount of money the player must risk in order to win $100. Payoffs are based on true odds rather then fixed. Ex. Yankees are -$200 that means you risk $200 to win $100 on the Yankees.

Mush- Someone who only has bad luck.

N.B.A.- National Basketball Association

N.C.A.A.- National College Athletic Association

N.F.L.- National Football League

N.H.L.- National Hockey League

Nickel- In betting terms equals five hundred.

Off The Board- Game taken off the betting board due to weather, injuries, or some other cause.

Over/Under- A wager involving combination of both teams scores, set at a specific number. Ex Dallas Pittsburgh Over/Under 38 Means you need over 38 to win the over , or under 38 points to win the under.

Overlay- A situation in which the odds on a game favor the bettor, instead of the house.

Parlay- A combination or multiple bet on two or more teams or horses. In order to win a parlay all the selections must win, if a selection is a tie or postponed then the parlay is reduced by that selection.

Past Post- A bet made after the start of a game or Horse Race.

Pick- Is a line where both teams are of equal value. No one is getting or giving any points.

Point Spread- A margin in points or goals, given to an underdog for betting purposes.

Price- Line on a given game.

Propostion Bet- A wager on different areas within a game. Ex total number of fumbles in a football game .

Push- Is when you have a tie against the spread. No one wins or loses any money.

Roll Over- Refers to the number of times you need to wager funds before you can withdraw and keep your bonus winnings.

Round-Robin- A multiple parlay .

Rundown- List of a single days events.

Run Line- Refers to spread bet in baseball. For example instead of a moneyline you would give 1.5 runs .

Sharp- A professional sports bettor.

Side- % of money bet on the point spread of the game, has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

Spread- Short for point spread.

Steam- When a large amount of money is bet on one side of a game and the line moves rapidly.

Straight Wager- To place a wager on one betting option.

Sucker Bet- Parlay, teasers, exotics, bets harder to win but usually have much higher payouts.

Teaser- A bet that enables you to move the line in your favor, multiple teams must be selected and a higher vig is also paid.

Totals- Total combined runs/points/goals scored by the two teams opposed in a sporting event.

Tout- A person or Co. who sells or gives away selections.

Underdog- Given points/goals/runs to even up action played on both sides of a sporting event.

Wager- Is another term for bet.

Wise Guy- A smart bettor, who plays steam before the line begins moving. A professional sports bettor.

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